Saturday 31 July 2010

World champion farriery and goodwill

I'm not a religious person, and it's not to say there haven't been some very tough times, but the further I get on this trip, I really do wonder if someone or something is smiling over me.

To find a farrier who is prepared to come out at no notice to reshoe Micky was more than I could ask or expect of anyone. For that to be one and the same person who has just won the world championships for shoeing horses is beyond belief. But that's exactly what happened. Undeterred by my phone call on Saturday night interrupting his night out, Steven Bean agreed to meet up with me and sort Micky out by the roadside on Sunday afternoon. It seemed more than a coincidence that the place we coincided was called Black Horse Lane, a good omen if ever there was one.

Anyone less skilled would have struggled to find any hoof to nail into, but within half an hour Micky had two new front shoes, securely nailed and perfectly shaped to avoid any risk of him pulling them off. For which Steven would not accept a penny. All I can say is that Steven's farriery skills are obviously matched by world class generosity, and it is only thanks to him that we were able to continue along our way.

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  1. How good is that? You wouldnt get that too often, Vyv!
    Anyway, hows things going? You sound a bit more up beat, and reading between the lines, I take it then that good progress is being made?