Saturday 3 July 2010

progress so far

Saturday morning,and I'm sitting on my bed in B&B at Spean Bridge waiting for hobbles to arrive by special delivery before I can set off over the mountains again to Glencoe. After a sleepless night at Tomdoun on Thursday disturbed repeatedly by ponies escaping from their corral, I can't risk them wandering off on the mountains - or getting loose on the main A82. Finding them wandering up the road to Kinlochhourn at midnight, and again at 5 a.m., is one thing, but the thought of them meeting all the tourist coaches through Glencoe is another.

So 6 days and approximately 120 miles into my ride from Skye to London. Apart from the miles, behind us lie a ferry crossing between Skye and the mainland, endless bogs, a lot of mountains, a fair bit of rain and some spectacular sights. As well as brilliant insights into the journeys made by the drovers.

Until now there's been no mobile broadband access, and now no time for more, will fill in all the details as soon as we hit reception again.

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  1. Hello Vyv, what a good start to your adventure am glad you didn’t have to swim across the Sound of Sleat, how did you get any sleep in a sheep tin hut that must have been noisy with 70mph winds and rain, plus I hope you are surviving on oatmeal & onions seeing you haven’t got anyone to nip into the shops (Iam staying at home waiting for the next chapter)